Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blended Families

I went to pick my grandchildren up for a month long visit. They will be staying with their other grandparents and us this summer. What's unusual about our situation (or is it?) is my son and daughter in-law are divorced. I stay in the home of my former daughter in-law and her new husband when I stay overnight. My former daughter in-law is remarried to a wonderful man. They are all welcome in our home and we in theirs. I realize we're lucky and not everyone has this type of arrangement.

For the generation who created the Brady Bunch and the blended family, it only stands to reason, unique family situations would continue to exist for our children and grandchildren. I know one woman who drives 400 miles one way every month to see her twin grandchildren. When her son got a woman pregnant, he declared a lack of desire to be in their lives. Not so the grandmother. She is actively involved in their lives and plans to continue to be. The advice I have to offer is be very careful about getting involved in your children’s disputes. It's easy to want to pick sides. I realize every family is different, but think of the long term about you, your children and grandchildren.

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