Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morro Bay

My husband and I returned from a few days at Morro Bay on the central California Coast. It was perfect. The weather was mild. We spend most of our time looking at birds; pelicans, heron, egrets and of course, sea gulls. Sea lions entertained tourists and annoyed the locals. At least six otters guarded the entry to the bay. We took hundreds of photos. I love digital cameras!!!!

We didn’t watch the news once, but did peak at the newspaper that was delivered everyday to our doorstep. There is something so amazing about being in nature. Whether it’s walking in a forest or sitting by the beach, it’s so much harder to be anxious, angry or fearful. Nature is like taking a tranquilizer. Whether it helps put everything in perspective, or the sounds and sights calm the nervous system, it’s easier to be in the moment and not fret about what’s going on.

We know one thing for sure. The current financial situation isn’t going to be over this week or next. If you find yourself feeling more stressed than normal, find the time to take a walk in nature.


Caroline B. said...

Beautiful photo, Kathy. I agree, hiking through the woods, biking on a trail or just sitting at a park absorbing nature: Appreciating and getting in touch with all things nature can be a 'natural' tension reducer!

fatfighter said...

Oh, I'm so JEALOUS!!! I absolutely love, love, love Morro Bay. Glad you got to enjoy it. Thanks for the fabulous photo!

Kathleen said...

That photo is simply STUNNING!