Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Linda

As I search for a sense of the direction with this blog, one thing stands out that I want accomplish. Many people refuse to view aging as an indictment. They’re stepping up to the plate, taking on huge personal challenges and making a difference in the world. We’re going highlight to these individuals because they deserve it, but also to inspire and motivate the rest of us to do something.

I’m starting with someone who is taking on a challenge only a few of us would even fantasize about. Part of the reason I want to showcase her is our dreams are often too small. It’s important to step the dreams up a notch and pick something that is worth doing.

Linda has definitely done that. She is my daughter in-law’s aunt and I only recently learned of her quest. It certainly is worth knowing about and supporting. Linda has committed to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in one year. The audacity of this boggles my mind. I’m also intrigued and excited for her.

Linda has already run five of the seven marathons. Visit her website and let her know you’re rooting for her.


Caroline B. said...

This is indeed an inspiring challenge. The 'Dream Big' sentiment is something I try to remind myself and my family of every day. Best wishes to Linda in achieving her goals!

fatfighter said...

In ONE year???!!! Wow - that is quite an amazing accomplishment. I mean, just to go to seven continents in one year would be quite an undertaking, let alone to run marathons in all of them! Go Linda!

Kathleen said...

One word: AMAZING! And it is nice to see that Linda started her quest in my hometown of Boston, at this year's marathon. Thanks so much for sharing her story. I am sure she is inspiring countless people!

Colette Ellis said...

Fantastic story -- great idea to share with others for inspiration and motivation! All the best to you both, Coach Colette