Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So this is Retirement?

My husband took a shower and shaved this morning. Not an every day occurence since retirement. I had a doctor's appointment, so decided to actually put on make-up this morning. Not an every day occurence. (It was a new doctor.)

The appointment went faster than expected. When I got home, I suggested we go out to lunch. After he said, "Sure, where?" there was the silence as I raced through the options. We ended up going to a cafe, where we could sit outside and overlook a pond at the Westlake Inn. The idea was we'd sit outside, enjoy the spring like weather, have some good food and come back home to do more work.

It hasn't happened that way. We both have been useless this afternoon. My big accomplishment will be writing the blog.

So, maybe that's why retirement is after work...

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fatfighter said...

Being useless is okay once in awhile - it always seems to make me feel energetic the next day. :)

So jealous that you sat outside for lunch. I am watching it snow like crazy as I write this.