Monday, January 19, 2009

A Time to Commit

In addition to honoring Reverend Martin Luther King today, there has been a call for volunteerism. My local paper encouraged people to pick up trash or donate food to a homeless shelter. These are noble and honorable ways of giving your time.

As this new administration appears to include service as an important part of its agenda, I hope people nearing or in retirement will expand the vision of their involvement. Older people are looking for ways they can make a difference that are both personally meaningful and fulfilling.

As I have expanded my own quest to get involved, I’ve found we don’t always know where to put our energy. I’ve read countless stories of new retirees who had great intention, only to be rebuffed by the very people they were want to help. Some have not been able to find the right fit that is a good balance between their skills, interests and the needs of the community.

As Retirement Life Matters expands, I hope it will be a place where people will share both their successes and struggles at making a difference. We will provide ways to explore options and resources people can use to get into the community.

Yes, there are many baby boomers that will need to continue to work and retirement is being reinvented in a number of different ways. There is still opportunity for us to feel like we are contributing members of society.

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