Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are Your an Active Citizen Senior?

I’ve been working on key words for my web site. Which basically means identifying words that people key into Google and then including them in my writings. There is a great Key word, ‘citizen senior’ that I haven’t been able to figure out how to use.

I don’t want to politicize Retirement Life Matters, but I just read in my morning paper and it was on the news last night that the Republican minority wants to find a way to help with the mortgage crisis. I certainly appreciate their wanting to be a productive part of the process instead of just being resistant to anything the new administration is proposing.

I think their suggestion of wanting to work with the mortgage situation is about four months too late. It doesn’t matter what your mortgage situation is if you don’t have a job. While it is helpful to be able to work with a bank if you lose your job, for many there isn’t much they’re going be able to do if they don’t have any income. The most important thing the Congress can do now is create an incentive to stop companies from bleeding jobs. Somebody needs to figure out how to put a finger in the dike.

After reading the paper, I decided to write to Mitch McConnell and tell him what I think. This is part of being a good citizen. In fact, you can write to your senator and let him or her know what you think about the stimulation package. This involves all of us and everyone should be willing to take a moment to communicate to their elected leaders. And while not perfect, is this an example of a citizen senior in action?

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