Friday, February 20, 2009

Fish in Sheep’s Clothing

I’m not a big fish eater. It probably has to do with growing up in Middle America. My husband feels the same way. I love Salmon and eat it when we go out, but it’s not my husband’s first choice. To accommodate our senior citizens health, we are trying to make adult nutrition choices.

About a year ago, we discovered Tilapia fish. I had never heard of it, but we tried it, liked it and have become regular connoisseurs. We liked Tilapia because it doesn’t have any bones, bakes easily and the flavor is light and delicate.

Why are we eating fish? Because, fish has high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids which is good for us. We were surprised to discover recently, not only is Tilapia low in Omega-3, it’s high in Omega-6, the bad fats. In addition, it’s highly contaminated with pollutants if it comes from Asia or South America. We’ll finish eating the frozen Tilapia we have, but won’t eat any more or only on rare occasions.

The lesson is we can’t assume that because something is ‘fish,’ it’s automatically good for you. That’s true because of the nutrients in the fish, but also because of pollutants and over fishing. In researching what fish we should eat, we came across a site that provides great information about fish that is good for you and the environment. It’s provided by
Environmental Defense Fund. The fish are organized in alpha order in three columns: Eco-best, Eco-ok, Eco-worst. When you click on the fish, it describes the health effects, as well as the environmental situation. You can learn what seafood is good to eat as well as not damaging to the environment.
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fatfighter said...

The best salmon I have EVER had was when we lived in the Seattle area. Nothing compares. And I miss it so much! Every time I try fish now that we're in Ohio I am disappointed.

Too bad about the tilapia, too! It's so yummy and mild.