Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lessons From Susan Boyle on Retirement Living

Along with everyone else on the planet, I’ve been captivated by the saga of Susan Boyle. She epitomizes the story of the ugly duckling who sings like the beautiful swan. While the tale, at the time of this writing, seems to have ended on a bittersweet note, there are lessons we can learn that apply to achieving a successful retirement.

As the story has unfolded, it was revealed that Susan has spent her life being painfully shy. On her mother’s deathbed, she evidently promised to try to get on television.

Regardless of what transpired afterwards, Susan confronted her biggest fear and entered the talent show. How many of us have lived in our little private world and failed to pursue the big dream because it would mean also taking a huge risk?

Susan also shows the value of perseverance. There is tape of Susan as a young woman singing at a local Scottish pub. She never gave up on her passion. How many of us have said the passion wasn’t worth the heartache or effort?

No matter the outcome, Susan is going to be able to look at this experience, knowing she stepped up to the plate, took a risk, stood for a moment in her glory and was the very best she could be. That’s a lesson we can all learn from.

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