Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nutrition Tips for Retirement Life

As we get older and enter retirement life, the idea of taking better care of our body takes on a whole new meaning. I finally occurred to me that sticking around in this life form meant keeping the mode of transportation healthy.

I was recently informed that my LDL (bad) cholesterol was way too high. Clearly, my husband's wonderful French cooking needs to be modified.

My first task was to eliminate chocolate. I love milky chocolate and not the purer chocolate that is the preference of nutritionists. The quest for a sweet, but more healthful alternative is in play.

If you looking for a simple, but comprehensive list of nutritional tips you can implement, this is it. The first suggestion I'm going to implement is drinking a glass of water before I eat. I've always been a fast eater and even if I try, I'm still the first one with an empty plate. A bad habit from childhood is going back for a bit of seconds. Maybe the glass of water will help me. Take a look and let me know which tip you're going to try.

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The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Yes, we all need to watch what we eat, but my opinion is you cannot live without chocolate! (I do like the dark kind...)
As to your baaad cholesterol, look into reducing your baaaad carbs. It works for us and maybe it would for you too?