Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Closet Ritual

A pile of discarded clothes, linens, toys and other household items sit by the curb today waiting to be picked up by someone who can use them better than me.
There is such a cleansing feeling of getting rid of the stuff that clutters the corners and closets of our home. As we wait for the arrival of our recently discharge soldier son, the ritual of moving items from one storage closet to another has taken place. I feel like I play ring-around-the-closets. I focus on cleaning one closet by moving items to another. Later, I’ll clean the new closet by moving stuff back to the old one.

If I’m lucky or smart, some items will be reviewed, appraised and discarded. With that comes a feeling of freedom, closure and yes, cleansing.

1 comment:

fatfighter said...

I totally need to do a ton of that discarding stuff - why do I keep putting it off?! ;)