Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Looking for Authors

I have a new website that will premiere the first of August. Retirement Life Matters celebrates the opportunities of life after 50 by providing tools, resources, and guidance to help people create a life filled with passion and purpose. I’m looking for people who have written a book and are looking for a way to publicize it. Topics include, but are not limited to:
Decluttering your home
Feng Shui
Finding the ideal retirement place to live
Purchasing a second home
Living abroad
Writing your autobiography or life story
Hobbies/Interests/activities in retirement
Financial concerns in retirement
Psychological aspects of money
Starting a business in retirement
Starting a home-based business in retirement
Social Entrepreneurship
Work in retirement
Volunteering in retirement
Making a contribution
Travel abroad and at home
Solo Travel
Couples transitioning into retirement
Relationships with adult children
Relationships with grandchildren
Enjoying retirement as a single
Anything connected to wellness, personal growth, spirituality
Learning/mental stimulation
I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in topics concerning caregiving, death, dying and diseases. While important topics, not the focus of this website.

There are tremendous opportunities to get exposure on the RLM website. This is an opportunity for authors who want to get the word out to retiring Baby Boomers, but either don’t have the technical expertise or desire to do all the work on their own. We will provide a review of the book on this blog:
http://retirementlifematters.blogspot.com/ with a link to purchase the book. The author will then be asked a series of questions about the book, which will appear on the website. Authors will have the opportunity to write articles, complete a profile page with links to their book and website. Authors will have the opportunity of moderating a forum in their topic area and we will have podcasts starting in the fall for authors to participate. Additional products and services, such a e-books, seminars can be showcased on the website, and also through the RLM Newsletter and blog.

Interested parties should contact me at cathys997@yahoo.com.

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Caroline said...

What a wonderful opportunity you're offering! I'll keep an eye out for prospective possibilities and direct them your way.