Thursday, July 24, 2008

Share Resources

While there is an air of uncertainty as the economy zigzags across the landscape, it’s wonderful to see people adapt, as humans do, to make the most of a difficult situation. The motivation may start from not being able to afford the lifestyle we once could, but there is a positive result as people are rethinking how they do things. Whether we want to admit it or not, Americans consume too many resources. Cutting back, out of financial necessity, has allowed us to evaluate what is important in our lives.

My neighbor just purchased an outside hanger for drying clothes. In Los Angeles, there are fewer traffic jams as people explore alternative ways to get around town.

Several years ago, my neighbor and I started an exchange program. They have subscriptions to Newsweek and Time. I take the local newspaper. We swap when we’re done reading our respective periodicals. It saves money, natural resources and I get the added health benefit of walking as I take the paper to her every morning.

What are you doing in respect to the economic downturn that is having a positive effect on your life and others?

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fatfighter said...

It's so true - we do consume way too many resources. Traveling to other countries really makes you realize that even more.
I love the idea of you and your neighbor exchanging subscriptions.
Me, I have been really trying not to drive if I don't have to. We live in an area where it's a short walk (under a mile) to the grocery store, post office, and dry cleaners so I try to walk when I can to run errands.