Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Internet Public Library

Web Wednesday

Yesterday, I told you about Mark who is exploring what he wants to do next. Most of the recent books about retirement extol the need for new retirees to find a passion. It’s easy to find a passion if you know what it is. If you don’t have a clue, finding new interests can be quite challenging. For people who have been devoted to work and family, knowing where to start looking for new activities can feel daunting.

The key is to try new things. Don’t just look at something and say, “Is this my passion?” You need to experience new activities.

A great place to research volunteer, hobbies, and work activities is the Internet Public Library. The categories are organized well and easy to scroll down. Under Arts and Humanities, there are fifteen sub-headings that range from Classics to Philosophy to Language.

In the History Sub-Heading, a quick scroll took us to The George C. Marshall Foundation. “Biographical information, interviews, essays and research materials about General George C. Marshall and World War I." Obviously, this isn't for everyone, but an indication of the breadth of resources available.
Take a look at the site, what is has to offer and start exploring what you want to do next.

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