Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Extend Your Retirement Life

How long would you like to live? You can extend your retirement life in some amazingly simple ways according to research. Did you know that laughing daily can extend your life by 8.8 years. Get out the old Laurel and Hardy movies.

There are things you can't control, such as being born more recently. Young people are expected to live 5 years more than people born 25 years ago. Being born a woman is always better for living longer. Where you actually live can affect how long you live.

There are things you can do. You know that not smoking and have a lifetime fitness regiment will extend your life. Did you know how much you sleep and good dental hygiene also contributes to your extended life.

The question might be whether or not you wan to live to 100. But, it's fun to see how what you can do to improve your odds.

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