Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Has your life taken a U-Turn?

Every day we hear stories and encounter people whose lives aren’t what they expected. This is especially true with retirement life Recently, I’ve met people who were ‘forced’ to retire two years too early. Many people who are retired have been compelled to look for work as they watch their savings and investments tumble.

Throughout your life, you’ve met with challenges, tragedies and opportunities. They don’t go away as we get older. I heard recently about a friend whose young adult child drowned. I think we make a pact with God, or the universe if you prefer. We say that we’re going to make every intention of living a good life, of being a good person. We’ll work hard and be reasonably kind to those we meet along the way. In exchange, nothing horrible is going to happen to us. It doesn’t happen that way. As Harold Kushner wrote many years ago, bad things do indeed happen to good people.

It was a pleasure to recently talk to author and psychologist Nancy Irwin, who has compiled forty stories about people whose lives took a U-Turn as they reached the midpoint. Like Nancy, who returned to school at age 42 to become a psychologist, many of the stories are dominated by personal choices. Other stories involved people who were assaulted with life-altering situations. Read about
Facing You Turns.

As Nancy declares, change is inevitable; the key is how we deal with it. As I have researched and now live with it, retirement is one of the most significant transitions we face in our lives.

The opportunity for personal growth, new challenges, and experiences is available around every corner as you transition into retirement, regardless of your financial situation. You bring with you many
Tools to ensure your success.

A primary goal of Retirement Life Matters is to help you create a satisfying life, regardless of the circumstances you experience.

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