Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your Ideal Day

I was intrigued with the post at The Boomer Chronicles describing our ideal day and how that relates to an ideal retirement life. An ideal day is special that most often involves enjoying food, friends and a favorite activity.

My ideal day:
I thoroughly enjoy getting up with sun, drinking a cup of coffee listening to the birds as they awake to a new day.

My ideal day would involve a leisurely lunch with friends at a quiet outdoor cafe overlooking a pond or stream.

The day would include creating a masterful painting and spending time with my friends at the studio laughing and talking about sex.

It might also include a trip to a great gallery or museum.

The evening would be spent at a secluded B & B overlooking a beach or in the woods, a romantic dinner for two and a special night with the man I love.
My ideal day would be spent enjoying my grandchildren.

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