Friday, July 3, 2009

Retirement Life and Thai Green Curry Chicken for Dinner

Retirement life takes on new rhythms and practices. As I've mentioned before, I continue to work, since my husband retired. To a certain degree, I work more than ever. My husband was always a good cook, but very rarely prepared meals beyond taking over the grill.

A year before retiring, he became intrigued with smoking food (don't even email me about the carbon footprint). That has waned since retirement.

He has taken over cooking most of the evening meals. At first we struggled because he likes things hotter (spicier) than me. He tries very hard to please me and has recently ventured into more adventurous meals.

This week he made Thai Green Curry Chicken. He must have spent $100 on ingredients, since I've never made a Thai meal in my life. It took him two days and he got every pot in the house dirty. On top of that, he does his own dishes. Am I lucky or what?

I'm telling you this for two reasons. The first reason is to gush about the wonderful new housemate I've acquired in the last six months. More importantly, neither of us could have anticipated this new passion. We don't know how long it's going to last or where it's going to go.

I help people plan their retirement life. A plan is a guide, but not an absolute dictation for the future. You know you're retirement is successful when you have the time, money and opportunity to explore new interests and challenges.

It's fun to see him experiment. AND, it's fun not to have to cook dinner every evening.

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