Monday, July 27, 2009

Retirement Life Decisions

New retirement life often brings decisions. Where are we going to live? What are we going to do? How are we going to pay for it? How does it integrate into a balanced and complete lifestyle?

My husband and I are currently in Arizona. We spent the weekend in Phoenix with our grandchildren. They recently moved into a new house their parents purchased. For the first time, we’re considering not only moving to the desert, but also moving to the location of our grandchildren. On top of that, we’re researching an adult only community.

The first thing I have to say is be careful what you declare you’ll never do. I often laugh at my husband who said he’d never move to California and has spent the last 27 years here.

Neither one of us are big desert people. I never imagined I would consider a retirement in Arizona.

In addition, I often cluck at people who move to be close to their grandchildren. I advise you can’t create a fulfilling life solely around your family and grandchildren.

Finally, I’ve had grave misgivings about moving into an adult community. I always considered them to be golden prisons, isolated from the real world, devoted to a senior life of indulgence.

Stay posted as we explore retirement life doing all the things you said you wouldn’t do.

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Greg said...

Cathy, retirement can really cause a drastic change to one's perspectives. I'm glad that you and your husband are planning your retirement at an early stage. That way, you would be able to consider all possible options for the two of you.

Contrary to normal notions, there are active adult communities (Charlotte and others states) that offer a range of interesting activities. People go out with friends to enjoy sports and the like. At the same time, these adult communities (Charlotte NC and other places) make sure that aging would be graceful through assisted health programs that responds to the various health conditions associated with aging.

Hope you'd have a great retirement plan. Thanks for sharing!